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Perkins Diesel Generators

The beginnings of Perkins Diesel Generators can be found with Frank Perkins, who was born in 1889.  Frank Perkins came from a family of engineers and as a young man, he began to develop a light, high-speed, diesel engine with Perkins Diesel Generatorsanother design engineer, Charles Chapman.  The timing was not right, however, because the Depression hit before the engine was fully developed.  Unthwarted,  Frank Perkins became convinced that diesel would be the power unit of the future and he was also convinced that he would be the first person to develop a diesel engine to rival petrol equivalents.   

In 1932 those dreams were realized when Frank Perkins started his own company, re-teaming with Charles Chapman.  Although the timing this time around was not optimum due to a recession during that period which made the business not an easy endeavor.  However, inspite of these obstacles, the partners were still convinced of the potential of diesel fuel and began developing their first diesel engine.  This diesel engine became the revolutionary P6 engine which was just the catalyst to grow their business and firmly cemented Perkins as a diesel market leader.  

Frank Perkins was right about the succession of diesel as a fuel and his company continued to enjoy great success built on this premise.  Today, the Perkins line includes Perkins Diesel Generators and other diesel power products which still utilize revolutionary designs and deliver quality power solutions.  Perkins Diesel Generators follows a path of continuous process and product development and improvement.  They also offer a large, sophisticated, worldwide, dealer/distributor network to offer top-notch support to their clientele.

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Benefits and Models of Perkins Diesel Generators

The clientele of Perkins Diesel Generators turn to Perkins for the right power source solutions knowing that their power and emissions requirements will be met.  Perkins Diesel Generators are found in many types of applications such as industrial, agricultural, construction, and marine, offering many benefits to their users.  Some of these benefits are listed as follows:

  • Quality Perkins, diesel, engines.

  • Outputs ranging from 24kW 108kW and 100 - 440v with four wires.

  • Low fuel consumptions.

  • Water cooled.

Some of Perkins Diesel Generators most popular models include the following:

  • Perkins Diesel Generator GFP-50   50 kW, 120/240/208/480v, 1,800 rpm, three phase.
  • Perkins Diesel Generator GFP-64   70 kW, 120/240/208/480v, 1,800 rpm, three phase.
  • Perkins Diesel Generator GFSP-55   55 kW, 120/240/208/480v, 1,800 rpm, three phase.
  • Perkins Diesel Generator GFSP-60   55 kW, 120/240/208/480v, 1,800 rpm, three phase.

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