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Iveco Diesel Generators

The beginnings Iveco Diesel Generators can be found in Turrin, Italy and the year was 1975.  Bruna Beccaria, who was a mechanical engineer and Fiat Iveco Diesel Generatorsmanager, was the founder of  Iveco Bruna Beccaria, under the tutelage of Fiat, brought with him a 90-year tradition which was born with the production of the first Fiat diesel engine.  Iveco was the result of five European companies merging together to become one of the world’s largest producers of diesel engines, trucks, and buses. 

 In the 1990s, Iveco continued to expand and grow their business by remaining attentive and responsive to power source market changes.  Iveco addressed environmental implications and actively sought to reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution.  Iveco is known as a company that continuously pushes forward in the areas of technologically innovative designs, improved product performance, and efficiency. 

Today’s Iveco product line includes diesel and propulsion engines, industrial and marine generators, and engines for generator sets.  Iveco remains one of the world's largest engine producers and is a name which is highly respected and recognized worldwide.

When it comes to Iveco Diesel Generators, they offer a broad range of diesel generator configurations to meet the exacting requirements of their valued clientele.  Whether your application is emergency, self-generation or something else, Iveco Diesel Generators can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Benefits and Models of Iveco Diesel Generators

As a division of one of the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturers, Iveco Diesel Generators, benefits from industry leading, cutting edge, designs engineered specifically to work in tandem with the legendary Iveco engine.  Iveco Diesel Generators also enjoys a large, global, dealer network to offer support to their valued clientele.  Some of the outstanding benefits that you will find standard on Iveco Diesel Generators include:

  • Outputs ranging from 20 kVA to 700 kVA..

  • Water cooled.

  • Lower fuel consumption.

  • Soundproof.

  • Weatherproof.

Although the Iveco Diesel Generators line is broad, we have highlighted a few of their models below: 

  • Iveco Diesel Generator GE8031i06 20 kVA - 50 Hz/20 kVA, 60 Hz/24 kVA.
  • Iveco Diesel Generator GE8031i06 30 kVA - 50 Hz/30 kVA, 60 Hz/35 kVA.
  • Iveco Diesel Generator GE NEF 200E   - 50 Hz/200 kVA, 60 Hz/225 kVA.
  • Iveco Diesel Generator GE8291SRi15   - 50 Hz/700 kVA, 60 Hz/730 kVA.

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